At a very tender age, Achutha started holding the drumsticks with as much love as that of a child holding a candy bar. Ever since then, there has been no looking back. A gifted drummer and percussionist from Chennai, AD Achutha Kumar was born on the 20th of August 1992 to Mr A.Deena Dayal and Mrs S.Lalitha.

Achuthakumar | Drummer

He has a lot of experience and 1000s of concerts to his credit. He is one of the few in Asia to have completed 8th grade in drumming with a merit from Trinity College of Music London and one of the very few solo artists in the country.

Achutha started his musical journey in a children’s band called “Isaithuligal”. He often credits his current success to the children’s band as it gave him the mental stability and physical stamina to keep drumming for hours from a very early stage in his life. His career touched a different milestone in the same year when his age touched a double digit number. He started working in Oscar hero Dr. AR Rahman’s concerts at the age of 10. From then till now, he has worked with a lot of renowned musicians like KS Chitra, DR. SP Balasubrahmanyam, Dr. A Hariharan, Anuradha Sriram, Pop Shalini, Drums Sivamani, Stephen Devassy to name a few.

Achutha has performed in more than 1000 concerts across the globe in a diverse array of events like the times of India concert, Indian Premier League, Rotaract-hearts, Sangarsh, Chennai Sangamam, Vijay awards, filmfare, etc. Achutha has a very good experience in working with various instruments including those from Pearl, Zildjian, Roland, Yamaha, Boss, Korg. He is also adept at playing the Zendrum– a very rare and unique percussion instrument. His acoustic specialties include instruments like the udu, duff, timables, chendai, and ulukai while his electronic gear includes instruments like wavedrum, zendrum, iPad Midi Controller etc. He has worked with top entertainment companies like the John Britto and top DJs and artists across the country.

He started working in Oscar hero Dr. AR Rahman’s concerts at the age of 10

Achutha has also shown his prowess as a global artist by performing at world fusion concerts and global jazz festivals. He has also collaborated with many global bands, international event management companies and performed in many countries, thereby widening his horizon and sharpening his axe simultaneously. Being an artist of such high caliber, Achutha is often the choice of top cultural fests in Chennai like the IIT Sarang, Techofes etc, both for pro-show performances as well as judging the competitions.

AD Achutha Kumar is the founder of three top bands in the city.

Pranetra– A Chennai based multi-genre band. Pranetra predominantly performs classical and world fusion music. The band has performed in innumerous occasions including “IDHAYAM THOTTA ISAIGNANI “, a tribute show for isaignani Illayaraja telecasted by the Star Vijay television.

AD and the band – One of the busiest bands in Chennai- AD & the band never ceases to amuse you with their incredibly classy performances with a strong appeal to the common masses as well. This band is known for its collaboration with renowned musicians from the industry. Most of their performances feature reality show performers and playback singers.

Project Triplet– This is a three piece band that proves to the listeners that one can create great music with just three people. This band exclusively performs western music. The band features Vandhana Mazan: one of the best western vocalists and a voice coach from Chennai, Vagu Mazan: A sound engineer cum multi-instrumentalist from Chennai, along with the ace drummer AD Achutha Kumar himself.